Offgrid Capability at its Finest – XT19HRT

Unveiling the XT19HRT – MDC’s Cutting-Edge Offroad Marvel

MDC Camper Trailers & Offroad Caravans is excited to announce the debut of its latest offroad caravan
model, the XT19HRT. After months of rigorous real-life testing in diverse environments, from ocean
beaches to the Simpson Desert, the XT19HRT has emerged as a true offroad marvel, genuinely proving
itself in the elements.

Designed to accommodate up to three people, the XT19HRT features an Island-style bed and a suite of standard features, providing comfort, convenience, and safety. MDC continues to provide essential features such as electronic stability control and a wireless rearview camera as standard inclusions.
The XT19HRT shines with a whopping 1.2kW of rooftop solar, paired with 400Ah of robust lithium battery storage and 3kW of pure sinewave inverter power. With built-in auto transfer between the
DC battery and AC shore power, off-grid power management is a breeze thanks to the seamless
connectivity of the Projecta ecosystem which allows users to monitor and manage the power system
through dedicated apps on iPhone & Android devices. These unparalleled off-grid capabilities at a
market-leading price point set the XT19HRT apart from the competition.

The XT19HRT’s exterior embodies a seamless fusion of sleek design and rugged spirit. Adorned with
large slimline tinted windows and bold green exterior decals, this offroad caravan not only captures
attention but also stands poised to conquer any terrain. Going beyond aesthetics, the introduction of
an external service ladder ensures greater accessibility for maintaining its impressive solar array to
take full advantage of the 75A-capable DC charging system.

Step Into the newly styled Interior of the XT19HRT, where design excellence takes centre stage in
redefining the MDC experience. The cabin beckons with modern oak timber-style laminated bench
and countertop finishes, sophisticated gloss grey cabinetry, and sleek black sinks, tapware, and
fixtures. Wireless phone charging pads add a touch of convenience and sophistication, catering to the modern traveller’s needs. It’s an interior made not just for functionality but to evoke a sense of refinement and style.

Complementing the opulent interior, the XT19HRT seamlessly integrates a range of modern appliances
to enhance your travel experience. Standard features include a front loader washing machine, air
conditioning and European-designed diesel heating. Embrace versatile cooking options not only with
MDC’s signature external kitchen, but inside you will find a gas stove, microwave, and a supplied
induction cooktop. The inclusion of a 175L upstanding refrigerator allows you to stock up and enjoy
extended offroad journeys without compromising on culinary variety.

Engineered as an industry-leading, full-sized offroad caravan, the XT19HRT invites enthusiasts to
immerse themselves in the pinnacle of offroad luxury and embrace the future of caravanning. This
groundbreaking addition to their lineup will be showcased at the Newcastle Caravan Camping Lifestyle
Expo on Friday, 4th February 2024.