Macca Reviews ARV Suspensions Titan Range!

ARV brings trailing arm (or off-road?) suspension manufacture in-house with the all new flagship The Titan Range!

The new flagship? ARV Suspensions The Titan Range, available in off-road, semi off-road and luxury airbag solutions. This is no side-hustle, either, with ARV expanding their workfloor space three-fold to the tune of 10 million dollars–complete with custom machinery.

“We’ve fitted suspension and brakes to our chassis for many years. We just really wanted a bit more quality control,” explains Ian Broomfield, General Manager for ARV.

Indeed, all ARV suspensions of all specifications are manufactured from Australian steel, Aussie-made Holdroyd hubs packed with premium automotive oils, readily-available Pedders shocks and Japanese bearings. What’s more, ARV introduces a unique trailing arm design to The Titan Range, allowing optimal angles for all components.

“We did a lot of CAD testing to prove the designs. Getting the jigs right took a bit of time but it was worth the effort. We’ve got great footage out on the test track.”

ARV Suspensions offers 5-year warranties on The Titan Range and will work with any reputable caravan manufacturer–just ask for it by name.


Although classing it as Semi off-road, ARV Suspensions takes no shortcuts when using components for this Titan Range spec. Designed for twin-axle caravans, these Titan Range suspensions feature coil springs and a Pedders damper at each wheel and come in a choice of 10in or 12in brake pad, to provide 3300kg and 3500kg maximum ATMs respectively.


The Off-road Titan-X Range offers single- and twin-axle setups for touring and sustained off-road travel. All Titan-X Range suspensions feature coil springs, 12in brakes and twin Pedders dampers, with dual-axle types supporting 3500kg-4500kg max ATMs. Although not yet released, Ian says ARV Suspensions will soon release a 3T single-axle (currently 2750kg) in the Titan-X Range–so watch this space!

Titan Air

A caravan industry first, the Titan Air Range offers air adjustments at each wheel–for consistent towing as your load changes. Like the Titan-X Range, the Titan Air Range comprises twin Pedders shocks for single and dual-axle vans, allowing 2750kg/3700-4400kg max ATMs respectively. Four air control types suiting different budgets range from easy-access airing points to self-levelling systems.

ARV Suspensions The Titan Range