Projecta supports Bridgestone World Solar Challenge 

Market leading power management company, Projecta, a brand of Brown and Watson International,
has supporting this year’s Bridgestone World Solar Challenge, in which solar-powered vehicles
travelled 3,000 kilometres from Darwin to Adelaide late last month.

Projecta was the naming sponsor of the ‘Challenger Class’, a category born around the original concept of developing a car that’s capable of traversing the huge distances the event requires. Additionally, Projecta provided a range of equipment to event organisers allowing them to power and maintain their Starlink satellite internet system throughout the program, a critical service given the remoteness of the drive route.

Among the Projecta equipment that was called on for the Challenge were 12V Portable Power-Hubs,
Monocrystalline 12V 120W Soft Folding Solar Panel Kits, 12V 1100W Pro Wave Inverters, Rapid Charge
Power Banks and 12V 100AH Lithium Batteries that provided power after dark.

The Bridgestone World Solar Challenge is the largest and most prestigious event of its kind, with recent instalments attracting around 1,500 participants from 24 countries and highlighting important partnerships across energy, automotive, engineering, financial, material sciences and IT sectors.

Projecta Marketing Services Manager, Aidan Fermelis, said the brand’s involvement in the Challenge was attractive on many fronts.

“Since its inception in 1989, Projecta has developed a strong reputation for innovation and pushing technological boundaries in the pursuit of the most advanced and reliable products possible,” Aidan said.
“The Bridgestone World Solar Challenge shares this same passion for thinking outside the square, drawing in talented and inquisitive minds to meet the challenge of travelling vast distances using only the power of the sun.

“We were also attracted by the event’s spirit of adventure – driving by day, camping in the desert at night. It’s all about taking the road less travelled, which is what many Projecta equipment owners choose to do.”

Bridgestone World Sollar Challenge Partnerships Manager, Julian Modra, said the Projecta equipment played an important role throughout the event.

“We are pleased to have partnered with Brown and Watson International for the 2023 Bridgestone World Solar Challenge, and thank them for their support to help ensure our vehicle equipment powered safely throughout the challenge using Projecta products,” Julian said.