Are you a two-trailer family? Do you boat on the side? Or lug supplies in the ‘tandem’ between trips in your five-star camp? MSA 4×4 manufacturers allin-one mirrors replacing the tow vehicle originals, sit close to your uncoupled vehicle- -ready to extend when you need the reach.

Given that trailer sizes vary, optimal views change. Thankfully, MSA 4×4 Towing Mirrors can flip from a horizontal to a vertical view for large vans or overgrown tracks. Mirror head actuators save you from readjusting the mirrors between vertical to horizontal viewing. A slightly concave view provides an encompassing yet distortionfree perspective.

MSA 4×4 Towing Mirrors suit many vehicles, with the newest variation compatible with current and earlier model Mitsubishi Pajeros, dating back to October 2010. Find your compatible models here.