Lightforce Cures Fear of The Dark, With VIPER Range of Light Bars

The Viper range is 40% more affordable, 25% lighter, offers a performance improvement of 25% versus previous models and have a new factory style and feel.

Adelaide, January 2023

Australia’s most prolific automotive lighting manufacturer Lightforce has launched its game-changing range of VIPER Light Bars. With a variety of configurations to meet all automotive needs from weekend adventure and hunting through to commercial long-haul road transport, the VIPER range of Light Bars offer unrivalled capability, sleek design, easier installation, improved features – and all for up to 40% RRP less than previous generations.

For over 35 years, Lightforce has been at the forefront of automotive and hunting lighting and exports its products to more than 50 countries internationally. The introduction of the VIPER range follows several years of state-of-the-art research and development by Lightforce’s experienced in-house engineers and designers who were tasked with producing a range of LED light bars as formidable as its namesake.

Haydn Ryan, Product Manager at Lightforce said that the design of the VIPER range is a real head-turner.

“The new design has that ‘factory’ look and feel that our customers are asking for,” explained Mr. Ryan.

“The entire range is slimmer, lighter and beautifully designed. Elegant yet rugged and incredibly capable at the same time. We have worked with our partners from overseas to ensure a premium product.”

Of key interest to buyers is that the VIPER range not only looks great due to a screwless, modern front bezel design, but offers best-in-class performance categorised by an average increase in light output of 25%. At the bottom end of the range, the modest 6” Single Row VIPER Light Bar produces a thoroughly impressive beam length of up to 256m at 1LUX. It only gets better from there with other light bar configurations, which includes both single row and dual row configurations, offering industry leading visibility. The 20” Single Row light bar, expected to be popular with weekend adventurers, offers a beam length of 562m at 1 LUX, 160m more than its predecessor. At the heavy-duty end of the range, the 50” Dual Row bar’s capability stretches just beyond a kilometre at 1065m. The VIPER range also includes a 6” and 10” single row amber light bar, designed for dusty conditions or in a camping environment. The amber colour reduces the amount of bugs and insects
when outdoors compared to a white LED.

Haydn Ryan said that improved safety was also a key deliverable in the development of the VIPER range.

“Each light bar projects a reduced 5500K colour temperature which is associated with better all-round visibility and reduced driver fatigue,” explained Mr. Ryan.

“The reduced colour temperature also means there is less glare and reflection against road signs and in foggy and dewy driving conditions which can make boosted illumination unpleasant in some circumstances. The VIPER range is a real a pleasure to use.”
Rugged usability is also enhanced through a marine grade powder coat finish courtesy of the industry leading AkzoNobel® application, which is tested to Australian standard AS1580 and therefore UV resistant and impervious to salt spray. The polycarbonate lens makes VIPER light bars less prone to scratching and damage than other light bars.
In developing the VIPER Light Bars range, Lightforce also focused extensively on installation factors.

Each VIPER light bar comes with its own free “smart harness” which comprises a unique bridge rectifier.

“This is a unique feature that allows our VIPER range to be fitted more easily to even the most recently introduced vehicle models,” added Mr. Ryan.

“The harness also has an 8-pin switch connector making it super easy to plug and play into a range of vehicle specific Lightforce switches for that very popular factory look which is what we have achieved in the entirety of the range’s design.”

The VIPER range includes 304 grade stainless steel side brackets – an improvement on the mild steel variety that is common with most of other light bars. All VIPER Light Bars comprise Osram Oslon LEDs® and are waterproof to 1 metre having been fitted with a genuine GoreTM breather. Radio interference is also significantly reduced which is ideal for AM or UHF radio users.

The VIPER range is available now and orders can be placed here.