The Huths check out JO and Joe’s epic Bedrock Village Caravan Park and Undara Tubes Tour

Bedrock Village is hard to describe. Calling it ‘different’ is wrong because it’s not really all that different, but saying it is just like every other park is so wrong. Let’s just say Bedrock Village is exceptional because of its history, quirkiness and the service they provide.

Bedrock started many years ago when Joe and Jo bought the land to grow pumpkins. Somehow that morphed into a caravan park, which is lucky for the people who love this park. Now, 24 years on, to my mind the park has developed into a Savannah Land Resort.

A Vanners’ Resort

Firstly, there are 35 onsite cabins, that’s a lot to look after but they are well presented and very comfortable. They range from budget Kidston Units (so named because they were bought from the Kidston Gold Mine when it closed down) through to the big Savannahlander Cabins and Fossilbrook Cabins. Every style of cabin has a story.

Drive-through sites are very much appreciated by caravanners, particularly when they are well shaded, and all 75 of them are. Plus there are tent sites. There are Camp kitchens and BBQs, mini golf, swimming pool (very popular on hot days) a shop, delicious icecreams and home cooked meals from their on-site commercial kitchen. The park is licensed with a good range. We were there pre-season so dinners weren’t served every night, but we did have one dinner and it was excellent. Because the seating is in an outdoors area we shared our table with two other couples who were just enjoying a week or maybe four pottering around. A good evening was had by all.

Epic Tours

One of the big attractions offered by Jo and Joe and their team are the tours. There are full day and half day tours of the Lava tubes. We did the half day tour and it was excellent. You travel by bus, do some walking up and around a volcano, have morning tea before you go through lava tubes. Nature’s talent is on show here and does not disappoint. The Savannahlander train runs right past the park and stops to collect people for a tour. The idea is you join the train and travel to Einasleigh where you get off and meet your guide, have lunch in the pub, check out the Copperfield Gorge – it’s beautiful – and then catch a bus back to the park via an afternoon tea stop.

One thing that Jo and Joe can’t turn on for you are butterflies, but nature can and did. When we were there the place was butterfly heaven, they were everywhere. I just liked being in the same space as the butterflies.

Everything about Bedrock Village is an experience, a good experience. Actually it’s a bucket list park experience. We were there in 2008, and again in 2021, some things are the same and some are totally different. That is how it should be with a good caravan park, making things better for their customers. Hopefully, it won’t be quite as long before we are back again.