Satisfying meals

Enjoy fresher lunches faster with the handy myCOOLMAN 38 Can Zipperless cooler–thanks to a simple yet clever ‘flip-open’ lid.

Secured with Velcro, the myCOOLMAN 38 Can Zipperless Cool will retain ice for up to three
days. That’s thanks to the high-performance insulation with a radiant heat barrier, Ultra Safe, leak-proof lining and a removable HardBody liner to create the seal.

Safeguard soft food items like sandwiches from hard items like containers or drink with the removable SmartShelf that fits snugly into the HardBody liner.

Keep knives, forks and napkins fit neatly in handy mesh pockets and the wide zippered pouch up front.

Measuring 41.9×34.9×32.4cm, the myCOOLMAN 38 Can Zipperless Cooler is easy to cart thanks to the adjustable strap and an anti-slip shoulder pad–or the padded handle.

Warmer camps

Start the day with a warm cuppa by the campfire, with the myCOOLMAN Insulated Travel Mug. If you’re on the go, your cuppa stays warmer for hours–thanks to the three-layered construction and copper-plated interior and a pressure-fit lid supported with a silicone seal.

Seeking something for the road? myCOOLMAN also offers the same technology in two tumbler configurations–in 591ml and 887ml capacities–designed to fit within a cup holder in your vehicle’s cabin.

Cooler hikes

Need an easy-to-carry drink bottle for those hiking adventures? The myCOOLMAN 591ml Stainless Steel bottle keeps your drink refreshingly cool for hours thanks to its triple-layered design.

It’s a sturdy vacuumed sealed construction comprising copper-plated layer and 18/8 stainless steel.

Not just for cold drinks, the myCOOLMAN 591ml Stainless Steel bottle will also retain the
temperature of warmer liquids and has a wide neck that’s easy to fill.

It’s comfortable in the hand, too, thanks to the nifty flip-up handle.