In an industry dominated by forward fold camper trailers, does the Elite X have what it takes to stand out from the crowd?


When it comes to buying a camper trailer, we all strive to find the best value for money example our hard-earned dollars can buy right? But with so many different models out there, choosing the right one can be a little daunting. But alas, Signature Camper Trailers are on the war path to deliver a camper that really stands out from the crowd. A package that is a clear winner in terms of quality, comfort, capability and of course, value for money, and that’s exactly where the Elite X comes into its own. You see the Elite X is the second-generation forward fold camper from Signature Campers. So, its design and features have evolved from real world testing. With that in mind, lets take a closer look at what makes this camper trailer tick!


Camper trailers have come along way since the old canvas tent on an old box trailer, and the Elite X is testament to just how advanced they have become. It’s amazing to think just how much comfort and convenience can be lumped into one camper trailer with such a small footprint. This clever layout allows you to have a massive, big bed while still leaving room for a dinning table and club lounge inside the main tent. 

The tents’ side wall can be opened up to create a massive space between the inside of the tent and the annex, making sure there’s plenty of usable internal space when the weather takes a turn for the worst. If that’s not enough, the design allows for a well-equipped external slide out kitchen too. 


Now, the cooking quarters of the Elite X have plenty to be envied. 

Like the stainless-steel kitchen, it is equipped with a high quality 4 burner stove complete with a well-designed fold-out wind deflector. Then there’s the pantry, which is a real stand out feature considering the amount of convenient storage it provides. Check out the video review to see it in action.  

Another feature that’s quite handy is the two water inlets mounted on the draw bar. One of the taps goes to the front water tank, while the other goes straight through to the kitchen. This allows you to literally hook your instant hot water system up and have hot water at your kitchen sink. 


Perhaps the biggest plus with this style of camper is that fact that you can have plenty of comfort, yet still have a set up that is super capable off the beaten track. When it comes to the Elite X, it’ll probably go further than your 4WD could tow it! Impressive ground clearance allows the camper to pop up and over some surprisingly high obstacles. Independent trailing arm suspension which has been purposely designed in Australia for Australian conditions keeps this camper riding smoother than a fresh set of sheets. In fact, the suspension system incorporates Australian designed twin tube constructed, multi-shim valved gas charged shocks which are unique to Signatures very own Elite X. 


If you’re after a capable, comfortable and family friendly camper trailer a forward fold design might be for you. Guess what, out of all the campers out there, the Elite X really does have what it takes to stand out from the crowd. Signature Camper Trailers are quickly building a solid reputation for thinking outside the box and offering a product that gets the job done reliably and in style.  


Tare Weight: 1720kg

Ball Weight: 160kg

Tyre Size: 265/75R16

Coupling: McHitch Offroad 

Water Storage: 160L plus 2 x jerry can holders

Battery: 2 x 100AH Deep Cycle AGM Batteries

Mattress: 140mm Thick Dunlop posture Foam 

Price: Starting from $24,990 (Plus on-roads)