Solace in the bush has never been more achievable than with a hybrid camper trailer in tow. Here’s one that will tickle the fancy of most outdoor aficionado’s…

Words by Michael Borg Images by Nick Heit and Dave Luke 

If you’re at that stage of life where you want to get out there and really enjoy the great outdoors, but you really don’t want to rough it, a hybrid camper could be right up your ally. And guess what – you’re in luck because we’ve got the latest hybrid from Signature Campers under the spotlight this issue, the Iridium 15. 


Make no mistake, this is a camper trailer that’s purposely designed to make your adventures stress free. In fact, this particular model is based off the hugely popular Iridium 13, which as the name suggests is 13ft long. This one is an extra 2 feet long, which means Signature Campers have been able to create a bit more storage and a slightly more spacious interior.  There’s also a bit more room to fit a bunk bed for the kids inside as well.


The more you tinker around inside the Irridium 15, the more you realise how convenient the accommodation and facilities are to actually put to use. 

The electrical switches are easy to find, the lighting is great, the bed is nice and wide, and when it comes to the overall finish, it is actually quite impressive.  

Electrical components such as circuit breakers and main switches are all nice and easy to access through the front storage compartment too. Plus, the cleverly designed front storage section has bucket loads of space for all the bits and bobs you’ll need while you’re out exploring.


This style of camper trailer, AKA the “Hybrid” camper trailer has become quite popular these days, and for good reason too. It only took me about 3 minutes to fold the back out to make room for the main bed inside. What’s the end result? Well, you get the benefits of solid walls that are heavily insulated and a lock on the door without the weight or length of a full-sized caravan. Which leads me to my next point – it’s pretty handy off the beaten track too. 


To keep the Iridium 15 glued firmly to the track, it’s equipped with a full independent trailing arm suspension system, which utilises a set of proven King springs with Dobinson shock absorbers.  For the rough stuff, you’ll find there’s plenty of bar work for added protection. Add in a heavy duty draw bar and chassis, a good set of tyres and a decent amount of ground clearance, and you’ve got yourself an ideal package to tour the country in comfort. 


Every touring camper needs a nice and functional kitchen, and this one is no exception. It’s got plenty of racking and storage available, a functional 4 burner stove, plus it’s even plumbed for hot water as well…just like home! Add in the mother of all pantry designs and it really does want for nothing more. 


You’ll find the list of standard inclusions is quite impressive, with things like 200L worth of freshwater tanks plus an 80L grey water tank included, which takes care of your water storage needs. Then there’s the 3 x 100ah batteries, the 12-240V inverter, and a powerful battery charger to keep you charged up the whole time. Plus, the whole van is wired for mains power for those times when you’ve got yourself a nice, powered campsite.    


At the end of the day, all we want as camping enthusiasts is a camper trailer that offers great value for money, long term reliability and a comfortable set-up to accompany us on our family adventures. If that sounds like a plan to you, then do yourself a favour and check the Iridium 15 out for yourself in person. It’s well worth the effort!