Talk about a host with the most! This little gem will have you begging for your next long weekend adventure


Adventure comes in all different shapes, sizes, and forms. But, if you would like a weekend away that offers a taste of everything, White Gum Farm could be right up your alley.

Roughly two hours out of Perth, just past the town of York is an airfield and flying school which has subsequently been developed into a caravan park. With a 4WD park and man-made dam thrown in for good measure, it’s the ideal place to get your fix of premium leisure.  


Before we hit the farm, we stopped in at the small township of York where we took a stroll across the long suspension bridge. This is where you will discover some delightful Wara Art. This Japanese-inspired form of artwork arose as an original way to use the excess straw remaining after a harvest. In 2018, the bilby, the tortoise and the frog were created with plenty more in the pipeline.


Arriving on a long weekend, we found the caravan park fairly busy. So, we continued further out the back to camp in the 4WD park. Yes, you read that right. The owner, Gary has also gone to a lot of effort to develop some great 4WD tracks if you would like to test out your rig. More on that later.

Unlike the caravan park, there are no facilities out here, so you’ll need to be self-sufficient. That said, it’s only a two-minute drive back to the main park providing you don’t have to give way to a plane or gyrocopter on your way!


There’s plenty to see and do around here. A spot of swimming or canoeing in Lake Kimberley is always a winner. The lake is a purpose-built water feature. It’s even stocked with fish and awaiting your fishing line! 

For those that enjoy a good stroll, there are several walks and trails around the farm. One of our favourite trails is up to the “Edge”, commonly called “Eagles Nest”. It is a nice walk, about 3km round trip. 

If all that doesn’t tickle your fancy, WhiteGum Farm was originally set up to service the needs of an airfield, which is still operating today. Yes, you guessed it; you can also go flying if the fancy takes you. It is the largest, privately owned flight facility in Western Australia, with hangaring facilities for microlight and ultralight aircraft.


Hailing from the east coast of Australia where the 4WD parks are set amongst rugged and scenic bushland, we weren’t too sure what to expect on the other side of the country. There are far fewer natural undulations over here, so the tracks are literally dug tracks right into the earth with an excavator. It’s pretty unique! You drive below ground level then come up and over some big hills. It’s gotta be said though, sometimes it can be daunting going up a massive hill and not knowing where the ground is; all you see is blue skies!

In terms of variety, you can tackle anything from wombat holes to log obstacles, or even attempt some of the steeper climbs. All require a different line and speed to conquer the obstacles, which makes it a great place to learn some basics of 4WDing if you’re new to the lifestyle. 


We definitely enjoyed everything that Whitegum had to offer. There’s plenty of variety, and it’s awesome when it comes to family orientated activities with a dam, paddle boats and even the ability to chuck a line in. It has the best of both worlds; something for the big and little kids alike.

Best of all, it’s just a short distance from Perth. So, undoubtedly, we’ll be back again. Until next time…