Going bush with the whole clan? Here’s how to fail-proof your next big family adventure!


Camping can be an awesome way to spend some quality time with your loved ones. It’s the perfect excuse to break the everyday routine and explore this grand country of ours together as a family. Sounds good right? Well, we’re going to let you in on a little secret; it can be an absolute nightmare if you’re not prepared! Yep, the average family trip has been catching unsuspecting first-time campers out since the dawn of time, so we thought we’d shed a little light on how you can fail-proof your next outdoor outing with the whole clan. With that in mind, it’s time to pop your feet up, relax and read on. 


Kids saying “I’m hungry” is one of the most repeated phrases you’ll hear on any road trip. To beat the hunger, you’re going to need a tucker box that stays in the back seating area of your vehicle. Simply keep it stocked up with those popular snacks and enjoy the peace and quiet. 


Young children thrive on consistency, which means being out of their normal home routine can lead to overtiredness and tantrums. To combat this, have set bedtimes and mealtimes, and plan your day around them.


To keep your campsite running like clockwork, you’ll need all of your gear in an easy spot to identify and grab it when you need it. Keep everything in large plastic tubs, labelled and stacked into categories like kitchen supplies, food and snacks, clothes, toys and so on. The real kicker is it makes everything easier for the little munchkins to find too, which means less questions aimed at yours truly! 


A hand and foot washing station is a real lifesaver around any campsite, especially when you are camping with kids. It can be as simple as having a jerry can with a nozzle set on a table, or as elaborate as a hot water system with a 12v pump. 


  • Sun cream
  • Insect repellent
  • First aid kit with antiseptic cream, Band-Aids, bandages, insect bite cream, and children’s Panadol


There are heaps of activities available to keep your kids happy while you’re out camping. This can be as simple as downloading applications on your smart phone or tablet for tracking stars and satellites or bringing a portable outdoor cinema for the world’s best outdoor cinema nights! 

Evenings are also a great time to take a peek at the local wildlife, so pack a couple of good quality torches and see if you can spot the any resident koalas or possums in the trees. 


Setting up a rope swing? Well, there are a few little tricks of the trade that can make your efforts a little less strenuous and a whole lot more graceful. To start with, make sure there are plenty of knots tied along the length of the rope. This will give you much more grip to hang onto as you glide through the air.


Grab yourself a one metre length of PVC pipe and cover one end with Cling wrap. Add a couple of handles up the top so it’s nice and easy to handle while one end is submerged, and watch the kids enjoy premium underwater viewing for hours and hours on end.


A couple of spare tyres tube come in mighty handy when you stumble across a beautiful spot by the river. You’ll need an air compressor to inflate them and a valve remover tool for quick and easy deflation too. 


When the rain sets in, you’re going to need some inside activities to keep the children occupied inside your tent and out of your hair! Items like books, playing cards and colouring activities are good to keep on hand, while activities with tiny pieces like Lego and puzzles are best left at home.


Allocate a backpack to each child, and fill is with essentials such as a torch, water bottle, sunscreen and a snack.  It means the parent doesn’t end up carrying everything. 

It’s also a good idea to get them involved in packing their bag prior, which encourages them to take little bit of responsibility. You may still have to check that all the items are actually in the backpack.    


If you’re camping around other people, it’s time to teach your youngsters a bit of campsite courtesy, which more often than not doubles as safety rules as well. Things like going around people’s campsites instead of running right through the middle of them, or being quiet early in the morning, because not everyone wakes up at the crack of dawn can make your tribe a much more pleasant group to camp around.    


If you get your travelling fix done right, camping with your family can be one of those things that create lifelong memories. Moments that your children can look back upon and smile when they remember learning how to mix a good damper together or start a campfire for the night. It’ll give them a reason to say “ahhh, those were the good old days”. 

So, take the time to really plan your next family adventure, and make it memorable for all the right reasons.