More than just a map, Hema have raised the bar with their latest generation of enhanced adventure guidance products !

Having access to good, reliable mapping is absolutely crucial for touring Australia. But it takes a dedicated team of individuals to bring you up to date, dependable information. That’s precisely where the team at Hema Maps comes into their own. For over 30 years, Hema Maps has been actively mapping Australia. In fact, the Hema “Map Patrol” is up there with the most well-travelled 4WD’s in the country. It’s this first-hand real-world experience that’s been the catalyst for creating Australia’s most popular touring and camping mapping platforms. So, we thought we’d run you through some of their latest products to hit the touring scene. 


Whether you’re heading away overnight, or touring for the long haul, the question that’s on every red-blooded camping enthusiasts mind is “where can I camp?”. So, team Hema have taken the liberty to produce the ultimate guidebook detailing over 5,500 campsites split into 75 distinct regions covering every state and territory in Australia. Of that, there are over 1,000 free and budget sites noted, meaning you can start saving money on camp fee’s right from the get-go. 


But the “Where to Camp Guide” is far more than just an indexed list of campsites. Each of the places listed have detailed information accompanying them, all of which have been ‘field checked’ by Hema Maps themselves. This ensures the information you get it as credible as it comes.

Of course, Hema have included over 180 pages of their industry leading maps. These combine with an abundance of camping and travel tips and an intuitive, easy to use design. The result is a publication that has everything you need to know in order to plan your ultimate Australian camping and caravanning adventure. Sounds good, eh?  


Hema Maps has released the ultimate navigational platform which allows consumers to not only plan their next adventure, but also navigate it, record it, and share it with their friends, family or the broader Hema community. 

It’s the first application to bring the new Hema Vector maps and the traditional Raster Maps together in one product. This allows users to choose the map style that’s most suited to their usage. The way it allows you to plan trips and record tracks is leaps and bounds ahead of earlier generation products.  


Working with Here Technologies, Hema have ensured users have the most complete road network in urban / city areas. However, when you combine the “Here Technologies” data with Hema’s very own off-road and remote data, the map becomes a supremely powerful navigation tool for regional Australia.


The Tracks function was a key feature of the old Explorer products, and it has been enhanced to work within the new 4×4 Explorer Application as well. The ability for users to save and edit their tracks in granular detail is critical in enabling safe and easy to use navigation while touring on un-marked or un-graded tracks.


– 45,000+ Hema Maps verified POIs – part of the 100,000+ available POIs delivered via the HemaX platform

– User generated POIs, reviews and photos – uploaded and moderated by the HemaX team

– Full trip plan / itinerary builder – establish your own trip plans or take inspiration

from other people’s inspiring journeys with quick and easy edits pre-trip or while you are en-route

– My location – with GPS coordinates, street address (where applicable) and What 3 Words location identifier.

– Single account sign in – sync your data & content between devices and save offline

– Map subscription upgrades – access deeper levels of content with Premium Map subscription products