EZYTRAIL Parkes 13 MK2

Words by Michael Borg

Crafted using real-world feedback and hard-earned lessons, the Parkes 13 MK2 has evolved to become an impressive example of a comfortable, go-anywhere hybrid camper trailer 

It’s not every day you come across a camper trailer that’s taken the real world feedback from thousands of Australian customers and used it to really improve and perfect an already insanely popular camper trailer. But guess what? That’s exactly what EzyTrail Campers have done with their latest release, the Parkes 13 Mk2 hybrid camper. Now, we’re not talking about a few fiddly little upgrades here and there. Nope, EzyTrail have given this little beauty a total makeover, and taken the Parkes 13 range to a whole new level!


You’ll find the Parkes 13 Mk2’s super-sleek body panels hide some very effective insulation, which goes a long way into maintaining a nice and comfortable temperature inside your van. In fact, one improvement we’ve seen in this new release is the addition of insulation in the rear fold out panels, which would make quite a big difference. Plus, if you’re heading to the Australian extremes, an air-conditioning or diesel heating system are also available to keep. But the weather isn’t the only thing being blocked outside; the new Parkes 13 range not only has automotive dust sealing on every compartment door, but they also features an all-new dust sealing system, which includes an updated entry door from “Aussie Traveler” and rear fold with a triple latch set-up for a much more effective seal against dust and water. 

When it’s time to head break the confines of your home away from home, an electric drop-down step makes it nice and easy on the knees, and in just minutes you can relax under the Dometic roll-out awning, enjoy a few good tunes through the external speakers and  re-position the TV outside to catch the footy. 


Cooking up a tasty feast shouldn’t be too hard with EzyTrail’s well designed stainless steel slide out kitchen outside. It comes permanently plumbed for hot and cold water, and is equipped with a high output 4 burner gas stove. Plus, the unit has been updated to include a stainless steel hob, which adds plenty of preparation space. If you would like the option of internal cooking, The Parkes 13 mk2 now comes with optional layouts, which means you can opt for internal cooking or the option to add a microwave and a fridge inside. 


If you’re chasing a real Australian adventure, you’re going to need a caravan that can handle everything you throw at it. EzyTrail back their product with a full lifetime structural warranty on their chassis, drawbar and suspension trailing arms. You see, the Parkes 13 Mk2 sits on EzyTrail’s all new F5 chassis, which has been designed to be tough and more resilient than ever before. But, guess what? The innovation doesn’t stop there. EzyTrail have worked closely with some of the leading suspension gurus in the country to develop the all new EZY-RIDER Independent Suspension system as well. The effects are noticeable instantly. It rides smoother than ever and handles like it’s on rails, and when you pop your head underneath you can just tell it means business. Perhaps the most noticeable difference is the mounting position of the shock absorbers. Unlike most other camper trailer’s, the shock absorbers sit in a much more upright or vertical position, which allows them to operate much more effectively.    


The Parkes 13 Mk2 is well provisioned with a large tunnel boot, the all-new generator slide on the off-side, cavernous fridge slide and a triple row of lockable units on the drawbar for twin 9kg gas bottles and a massive toolbox. Two 120L water tanks will always keep you well watered and showered, and in terms of battery power you’ve got 3 x 100AH deep cycle batteries at your disposal – yes, you read that right! Plus, there’s an optional 300Watts of solar power available and a full battery management system.  



Exterior Length (mm): 6170

Exterior Width (mm): 2200

Collapsed Exterior Height (mm): 2460

Tare: 2220Kg 

ATM: 2700Kg

Ball Weight: 150Kg

Chassis: 120 x 50 x3 mm OFFROAD Certified

Drawbar: 150 x 50 x 3mm OFFROAD Certified

Brakes: 12” Electric brakes with Hand Brake

3.5Tonne Alko Off Road Hitch

PRICE AS SHOWN: from $43,990