Could this be the BEST 4WD ever made?

It’s been spoken of in pubs and around the campfire for years, what if we could build a brand new 4WD that was made for going offroad, not for the shopping centre or for the worksite, but for proper good offroading? Well it’s finally here… and its coming to Australian shores! The INEOS Grenadier 4X4!

Not only does this epic creation take all the good bits from years of iconic 4WDs, packaging them into a vehicle that will available in Australia as early as next year! But the team from INEOS are doing things differently!

The team have built this vehicle for offroading, towing and adventure, and they mean it. In fact INEOS have just announced that offroad test drives will be not just available, but encouraged! Yep that’s right, no more 2 laps around the block to see if your new 4WD can cut it, you can grab the keys and head bush for a REAL WORLD Test drive!

We all know that modern 4WDs can sometimes be a bit nerve-wracking to take into remote parts of the country. What if it just stops? Will the electronics stop me getting home? Well the INEOS team have thought of this, not only will they have service centres across the whole country including remote areas like Alice Springs but with their next generation interactive 3D workshop manuals you’ll be able to fault find yourself and follow easy to view video content to help you continue your adventure if you do have the unlikely misfortune of breaking down!

Now the Grenadier is going to be launched with both petrol and diesel engines and guess what! There’s NO PREMIUM PRICE for Diesel! It’s going to be the same, you choose your powerplant and your upgrades how you want! And the pricing itself is really simple, it starts at $84,500 in Australia and you can buy in store at one of their 16 initial retail outlets OR simply customise your vehicle online, organise finance online, and complete your order online, contact and saleman free! Yep that’s right, you don’t have to even speak to a dealer until you grab the keys! However, we do reccomend a test drive, offroad of course!

You’ll be able to order one from July next year and you can guarantee we will be watching closely, who know’s maybe we will put Jamie in one and see how he goes? What do you reckon?