Bucket List Hot Spots


Australia is incredibly unique. It offers the keen traveller everything from rugged mountain escapes to dusty desert oasis’s, crystal clear streams to pristine coast lines. Obviously, most of us Aussies want to visit the best Australia has to offer at some point in their life, right? Well, guess what? The key to making your dreams comes true is to create a bucket list. Yep, this your very own list of destinations you want experience before you cark it. So, with that mind we thought we’d kickstart your bucket list with a bit of inspiration from our favourite touring destinations…enjoy!  


When it comes to authentically Australian 4WD experiences, Cape York Peninsula is renowned by most as the pinnacle of the lot! Perhaps the most famed Top End experience, is the journey to the most northern point of the Australian continent via the Old Telegraph Track. With over a dozen river crossings to test your nerve and plenty of obstacles thrown in for good measure, it’s definitely not for the faint hearted. But trust us, it’s all worth it when you find yourself standing right up at the tip getting happy snaps as proof you made it! 


WHEN TO TRAVEL: Cape York’s Climate is tropical/monsoonal, so it’s best to travel there during the dry season (May to October) to ensure access to the tracks is possible.   

THINGS TO DO: On the Old Tele Track, Fruit Bat falls is the perfect place to wash the red dirt away. Explore yhe 5 beach run on the east coast of the peninsula and grab yourself some fresh oysters off the rocks. Helicopter Tours off Loyalty Beach are spectacular, and the fishing charters, sunset tour and croc-spotting tours out of Weipa are all absolutely sensational too.  

WHERE TO STAY: As you head north, Morton Telegraph Station is well worth checking out. Just a little further up you can bunker down at Bramwell Station or continue to free camp along the Old Tele Track at dozens of designated campsites. At the northern tip of Cape York, make sure you spend a few nights at either Punsand Bay or Loyalty Beach campground – you will love it! 


The midges can pack a nasty bite up here. So, make sure you carry plenty of mozzie repellent and keep a packet of antihistamines on board to help relieve the itch if you get bitten. Also, make sure your tent seals up properly and has midge-proof window screens, which have a finer mesh than standard fly screens.  


The magnificent hills of the Victorian High Country are unlike anywhere else on this continent! Seriously, the scenic vistas you get to experience here will dead-set bring a tear to your eye, not just for their beauty but also for some of their insanely challenging 4WD tracks. Throw in a good dowsing of intriguing regional history and some of the clearest freshwater streams you’ve ever laid your eyes on and you’ve got yourself one heck of a holiday! 


WHEN TO TRAVEL: For us campers, the High Country in just spectacular during Autumn or Spring, which it when it really bursts with vibrant colours, fresh misty mornings and warm sunny days. During winter, most of the good 4WD tracks are closed due to snow. 

THINGS TO DO: The 4WD touring around these parts is simply world class with tracks like Blue Rag Range, Billy Goats Bluff and the Davies High Plains setting the stage for some white-knuckled adventures with the incredible views to match it!

If that’s not your style, why not undertake a hiking adventure like no other to explore some of the historic High Country huts, which are testament to this regions strong bush ranger heritage. Heck, why not take a horse back tour for the full experience?  If that’s not your style, the down hill mountain biking around here is absolutely insane, as is the thrill of tackling the infamous “Hells Gate” in a white-water raft. 

WHERE TO STAY: For the keen 4WDer, a few nights camped out in Dargo is a must! But there are hundreds more campsites to choose from around the area. Among the most sought after is Craigs Hut, which is always a winner. The same goes for campsites like Tom Groggin and Sheep Yard Flats.


It’s not uncommon to come across logs blocking the tracks around the High Country. So It’s a good idea to carry a chainsaw and safety equipment to avoid the need to backtrack. 


If it’s a stunning outback backdrop complete with magical burnt orange sunsets and towering ancient cliffs you’re yearning for, the Flinders Ranges is awaiting your arrival.  This is a place of rich pioneering and aboriginal history, an ancient and unique part of the world with everything from deep majestic craters to stony creek beds to tantalize your lust for a true outback adventure. Throw in the abundance of Australian wildlife, and you have yourself a lifetime memory in the making!


WHEN TO TRAVEL: The weather is usually at its most comfortable from April to October in the Flinders Rangers. Wildflowers are in bloom from around September to November, while in summer it gets uncomfortably hot with its fair share of thunderstorms too.  

THINGS TO DO: The surreal scenery around here is the natural highlight. It paves the way for a host of adventurous activities that will etch your experiences here in your memory for a long time. Taking a guided hike through places like Windjana Gorge or Wilpena Pound is just sensational, you might even get a chance to spot the endangered Yellow Footed Rock Wallaby, which is exclusively found here, or checkout the internationally acclaimed 500 million year old Ediacaran fossils.  

WHERE TO STAY: Spend a few nights under the stars at the Wilpena Pound Resort campground, which is fully serviced with everything you need for a comfortable stay. On the southern side of Wilpena Pound you’ve also got Rawnsley Park Station to base yourself at while you explore the region.


Perhaps one of the most underrated destination for the keen explorer is Tasmania’s wild west coast. It combines everything from harsh rocky climbs to long sandy beaches with no shortage of gobsmacking scenery, wildlife and flora to gaze upon as you explore. Home to a host of the toughest 4WD tracks in Australia along with mind blowing towering waterfalls, premium trout fishing waters and some truly fascinating convict history. Buckle up for this one, its going to be a real adventure!


THINGS TO DO: For a true 4wd experience, pencil in tracks like Balfour Track and Climies Track, along with Lake Cumberland Track, Sandy Cape and Mount Huxley. You can trade your 4WD in for two feet, a cliff and a rope and try your hand at a nerve-racking abseil down one of the many gorgeous gorges available. Not your thing? No doubt the crew at King River Rafting out of Queenstown will get your adrenalin pumping! For a slightly slower pace, bush walking is at premium in these parts. The rainforests are lush green with crystal clear streams creating the ideal scenery for any nature buffs to be blown away. The West Coast Heritage Centre is also a step back in time worth taking! 

WHERE TO STAY: To take in a unique west coast sunset, you’ve just got to park your backside at Trial Harbour camping ground for a few days. When you’ve ready for a scenery change, head on over to Corrina where the Paddymelons are plentiful along the Pieman river. Take a river cruiser and checkout the stories of the shipwrecks in person, or maybe just grab a cold one at the Tarkin Hotel.  For the hikers among us, there are dozens of interesting walks to tackle around here as well. Like the track to Mount Donaldson or the Huon Pine Trail. 


As a holiday destination, it’s mighty hard to go past the infamous Fraser Island. The largest sand island in the world is home to the purest of native Dingoes on the planet, fishing that will put a smile from ear to ear and rainforests that host the iconic Fraser Island Satinay trees, some of which are over a thousand years old. It’s home to more than 100 freshwater lakes and lagoons to take a refreshing dip in along with the best beaches you’ll ever roll your tyres over. 


WHEN TO GO: August to October would have to be the ideal time to visit. The temperatures are on the rise, so you can take advantage of those crystal clear creeks with a swim. It will put you in good steed to witness the majestic Humpback whales passing through, whilst your chances of snagging a fish are at a premium too. 

THINGS TO DO: A drive along Seventy-Five Mile Beach will produce a mirage of fast-flowing freshwater creeks to cross, cliffs of coloured sands and even a shipwreck (the Maheno) rusting on the beach. Dip your toes in the refreshing waters of Eli Creek, the Champaign Pools or in the magical healing waters of the Tea Tree lined Lake McKenzie. Time your visit to catch the Tailer fish running along the coastal gutters. Heck, you can even feed the Dolphins at Tin Can Bay or get your thrills by tackling the dunes to the east on a sand board. 

WHERE TO STAY: Perhaps the most popular place to stay would have to be King Fisher Bay Resort, but if you want a lower key camp, you’ll find there are plenty of designated camps available for booking through National Parks. Some campsites such as Central Station and Wadding Point Top camping ground have Dingo Deterrent fences as do places like Cathedrals on Fraser caravan park. 


Long referred to as the heart of Australian outback, Northern Territories Red Centre is the place to go for an authentic cultural awakening, one that every red blooded Australian needs to experience for themselves. It’s the place where the fiery red desert landscape sets the scene while an array of fascinating geological wonders steals the show. Home to unique wildlife, water holes and pockets of lush flora, this place has all the right ingredients to create an unforgettable experience. 


WHEN TO GO: April to October is the time to explore this region. It’s when the temperatures are at their most comfortable,  

THINGS TO DO:  Naturally, Uluru or Ayers Rock as it’s formerly known is the red centres best known site, and for good reason; its imposing stature is absolutely stunning. But there’s just so much more to discover. Like watching the soaring rock domes of the Olgas change colour and glow at sunset or taking in the fresh air as you traverse the Walpa Gorge Walk towards some absolutely breathtaking views. One of the many cultural tours available is well worth booking. In fact, you can take off on a quad bike tour or camel trek if you want to step it up a notch. Mountain biking opportunities are plentiful, and if you’re an experienced hiker, then look no further than the world-renowned Larapinta Trail. This gem spans 223km across the West McDonnell Ranges and takes in some of the most incredible ridgelines in the region. 

WHERE TO STAY: Kings Creek Station is the place to see if you want adventure at your finger tips. There are a multitude of tours based out of here, including helicopter flights over Kings Canyon the remote Ferrar Springs. Ayres Rock Resort is another great spot stay as you explore Uluru it’s surrounds. 


Book your campsite in advance. This place can get a bit crowded during peak periods, so a little planning ahead is well worth the effort.


Well, if that doesn’t ignite your travel bug within nothing will. The next step is to pick your next adventure, plan it out and go for it! Catch you on the trails…