Need a simple yet tasty camp feed? These scrumptious mini sliders will satisfy the fussiest of camp tucker afficionados 


  • Lamb Mince Meat 
  • Maccas BBQ Rub (Great Southern Lamb)  
  • Tomato
  • Mini buns (Rolls) 
  • Red Onion 
  • Sauce of your choice 


  1. Start by forming the mince into little meat balls before giving them a generous coating of Maccas BBQ Rub (Great Southern Lamb). That’s it – the meat patties are now ready for the bbq. Simple, eh?  
  2. For best results, cook them over some nice hot charcoal coals. Press them down lightly to form a patty on the grill.  
  3. Add some tomato onto the grill for a few minutes just before the patties are cooked through 
  4. Lightly toast your buns over the coals


PREPARATION IS KEY: Make sure all the heat beads have turned white before you pour them into your bbq. You might be starving but trying to use them prematurely will result in fluctuating cooking temperatures.

COOKING ZONES: With a gas bbq you can simply turn down the gas to lower the temperature on one side of the BBQ. With Charcoal, it’s a good idea to place around 75% of the coals to one side. This will give you a good amount of heat to cook your meat and give you a space to cook other foods over lower heat or simply keep things warm. 

SAVE LEFT OVER CHARCOAL: Once you’re done cooking, you can put the coals out by cutting off the oxygen supply. Don’t throw out any leftover coals. Instead, get rid off the excess ash and reuse the charcoal for your next cook up.