REDARC Launches New Generation of Trailer Battery Charger

REDARC is proud to introduce the new, more versatile 12 volt, 12 amp input current limited on-trailer battery charger; the BCDC1212T.

The BCDC1212T is the ideal battery charger for trailers with electrical equipment and accessories (i.e. hydraulic pumps, winches, fridges etc.) such as dump trailers, boat trailers, car trailers, liftgate trucks and camper vans. This is a 12 volt, 12 amp input limited charger and works in both 12V and 24V vehicles. It is compatible with 7 pin Round trailer plugs for easy installation in any trailer. The BCDC1212T charges Standard Lead Acid, Calcium content, Gel, AGM or LiFePO4 batteries and is input current limited to ensure that the current rating of the trailer plug is not exceeded.

This DC battery charger keeps the secondary battery charged whilst driving to a proven 100% state of charge. It allows users to save time by powering the battery throughout the day and removes the dependence on AC mains charging, ensuring you’re always charged and ready to work.

Designed for fast and easy installation, the BCDC1212T comes pre-wired with a customised wiring harness, designed to assist for smaller trailer mounted auxiliary battery box installations, and is supported with the release of new 23amp and 30amp fuse kits and a battery to fuse cable. The
BCDC1212T can be installed in the nose cone of a trailer and allows use of the existing 12V auxiliary power available on many trailer plugs to charge an auxiliary battery installed on the trailer, making it the easiest solution for on-board DC charging.

REDARC’s Ben Marsh, General Manager of Aftermarket Sales ANZ explains, “No longer do you need to charge your trailer’s battery overnight or in between jobs. You’ll always have battery power for your
dump, RV, utility, or landscaping trailer. Pull the plug and give yourself the freedom to travel and work where you want for as long as you want. The REDARC BCDC1212T will become your most powerful, compact, and reliable trailer accessory.”

The BCDC1212T is moisture, dust, and mud resistant, designed and built in Australia by REDARC to be the highest quality and most reliable battery charger of its kind.

Like all REDARC products, the BCDC1212T comes with nation-wide support, including a 2-year hassle free warranty and after-sales service to answer any questions.

For more information visit REDARC Website