GME’s latest innovation has just revolutionised the way we communicate while touring, check this out!

The ability to share information is absolutely crucial when you’re travelling remote and isolated regions. Weather it’s communicating with the road-train you’re about to overtake, listening for oncoming traffic on a track with limited vision or radioing for help to the closest outback station house, you need a radio that’s reliable. But to take it a step further, GME has released their XRS Connect range of units, which is taking the industry by storm. What’s so good about it? Well, it’s time to read on and find out, eh? 


The XRS Connect range of radios offer Bluetooth Connectivity, which opens up a whole new world of functionality when it comes to staying connected in the bush. How does it do that? Well, exclusive to GME is the XRS Connect app, along with the game changing XRS Connect Location Services app. 

The XRS Connect App combines easy to navigate menus to control the features and settings of your GME XRS Connect UHF CB radio. In fact, it even allows you to customise what each button on the handset does what! You can create and share personalised scan lists, access over 20,000 registered analogue frequencies and perhaps the best of all, receive free software upgrades. That means you can keep up to date with new features, functions and upgrades without having to buy a whole new unit. 


The XRS Connect Location Services App allows users to send, receive and display a GPS location with each transmission. In a nutshell, it combines the power of the XRS system with the GPS engine and display of a compactable smartphone or tablet. When you think about it, the possibilities are endless! In fact, it also allows users to send pre-defined statuses or custom messages up to 32 characters. 

It also allows you to download and store detailed maps of the area you’re about to travel, which ensures you’ve got accurate mapping when cellular coverage is unavailable. Now this is an invaluable tool out on the tracks. It gives you the ability to communicate your exact location to friends or work colleagues. Think about how handy that would be when you’re trying to find your mates campsite in the middle of nowhere! 

There is a catch, though. The person you want to communicate with also needs to have an XRS Connect system for it to work!