There are some places you’ve just got to experience for yourself. Trust us, the Victorian High Country is one of them!

The camper trailer lifestyle is a highly rewarding one. You get to relax and recharge in the solitude of nature’s peace and quiet, explore the track less travelled and share the kind of memory-making experiences most city dwellers couldn’t dream about. Guess what, all of the above and waaaay more can be found right here in the hills of the Victorian High Country. Yep, this is the land of opportunity for the keen 4WDer, so we thought we’d share a few of our favourite local gems. Strap yourself in for this one, folks – it gets a little steep!


No trip to the High Country is complete without stopping into Dargo for a night or two. It’s actually quite remote to get to, but when you arrive, you’re welcomed by the iconic Dargo Hotel, home to some of the best tucker and friendliest faces on the planet. The walls are littered with old photos telling some crazy stories, which can serve as a stern warning that the high country can dish up some major challengers. 

Private campgrounds and accommodation are also available, and you’ll find the general store across the road has basic supplies and fuel available, too.  


Make no mistake, this was Bush Ranger country. As a result, there are just so many historic huts and places of significance to explore. For us, Guys Hut was high on the agenda. It’s located just a short walk of Howitt Road, along the Pieman River. The hut itself is a mighty cosy stay with a full stone floor and a massive big fireplace. In fact, with some of the extremely low temperatures the High Country often experiences, there’s no doubt this hut has been a life saver in the past.   


Now this is quite possibly one of the best views you’ll ever get the chance to gawk at anywhere in Australia. It’s one of the highest lookouts you can get to without a permit and trust us when we say it is absolutely gobsmacking! Now it’s spectacular at any time of the day, and in any season of the year. But, if you’re lucky enough to get there right as the sun’s rays penetrate through some misty clouds it’s like nothing you have even seen before, period. But be warned, it can get mighty cold up there and the wind can blow a gale, so be prepared for anything. The track up to the lookout is steep and not for the faint hearted, but if you love a good challenge, you’ll find the iconic Billy Goats Bluff is just around the corner, in a matter of speaking.   


Another mandatory place to visit, is the Trig Point at the end of the Mount Pinnibar track. To get there you can follow the Tom Groggin Track until you reach the Mount Pinnibar Track, which seems to flatten out for a few kilometres to lead you into a false sense of security. Yep, it quickly turns into a fairly steep drive. While there is plenty of traction when its dry, I would hate to be attempting it if its wet! 

The summit is only about 1km past the Mount Gibbo track junction, and it’s a fairly steep little scramble too. Be prepared to have your mind blown with the gobsmacking scenery as you crest the top of the mountain, 1772 metres of it!