The Truma story is a truly inspirational story about a man from humble beginnings who built himself an empire that is still a leader 80 years on….


In the late 1940s after WWII, Philipp Kreis decided to open a language school in Munich. He had one major problem and that was the lack of electricity to power is lighting as he taught at night. To solve this, Philipp designed and built a gas lamp. It didn’t take long for locals to notice this his school had light well into the night while the surrounding buildings were left in the dark.

The local community started asking Philipp to sell them a light. Little did they know that this would be the birth of a new multi-national company that he would later name Truma after Harry S Truman, the 33rd US President.

By 1950 Philipp was manufacturing his patented gas lamps and was no longer teaching.

In 1961 Truma launched the first heater for the caravan and motorhome, enabling people to travel Europe in mid-winter. The “S Heather” was a revolutionary product that completely changed the face of caravanning. Since its introduction and through various updates and modernizations, more than 6 million “S Heaters” have been built.

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