Premium canopies by Trig Point with a little help from Narva

Australians are certainly spoiled for choice when it comes to four wheel drive canopies, but dig a little deeper and the options quickly diminish. For example, if you are looking for a unit specifically to suit a cab chassis, rather than one that sits on top of a tub or tray, you immediately remove a lot of what’s available.

Customers wanting the first option can either go down the path of having a bespoke unit or they can visit a company such as Trig Point, who offer a range of options for all the popular makes of four wheel drive vehicles, including some newer entrants such as the Dodge Ram.

Trig Point was started in Melbourne around three and a half years ago by production and design engineer, Murray Brookes. After he manufactured a canopy for himself, others noticed it on his Hilux and the interest grew and orders flowed.

Having worked in the 4WD industry for a number of years, Murray gained a thorough understanding of the off-road market and what customers wanted in a canopy.

“In developing our canopies, we’ve focused on making a design that better integrates with the cab chassis and provides OE quality,” Murray said. “The end result is a product that looks good but is also functional, durable and up to the tough challenges that many of our end users will put them through off-road.”

A perfect example of how Trig Point combines form and function can be seen in the way the rear of the canopy tapers up to improve departure angle, but the design still uses all available space by integrating lockable tool boxes behind the rear wheels following the same tapered lines.

It’s details like these that Trig Point canopy owners really appreciate and which make these bodies perfect for both recreational touring and for tradespeople and according to Murray there are some customers that use their vehicles for both applications.

To better customise its canopies to suit the end user, Trig Point offers many bolt-on internal options, allowing the owner to select from a range of dividers and partitions, fridge stands, draw systems and shelving options. The electrical and accessory choices are also plentiful with a number of power panel, inverter, Lithium and AGM battery kits and compressor kits available.

On the outside, customers can further select from a variety of additional equipment including tyre carriers, a fold down ladder which allows easy access to the roof, jerry can holders, solar panels, roof racks and more.

One constant across all Trig Point builds is the exclusive use of Narva equipment.

“We’ve been using Narva lighting right from our first build. Our customers recognise Narva as a premium brand and their feedback on the Narva product is very strong,” Murray said.

“I’ve also had an excellent experience personally with Narva lighting over many years. Our focus is to design and manufacture high quality canopies, so we need to ensure that the components we fit also meet these standards and Narva products certainly do,” he said.

Among the Narva equipment that features in Trig Point builds are L.E.D tail lights, licence plate lights, dual colour (white/amber) L.E.D strip lamps, work lamps, fuse boxes and switches. Many builds also include electrical components from Narva’s sister brand, Projecta.

One of Trig Point’s highest profile builds to date has been on Narva’s Ford Raptor, a vehicle that has been heavily campaigned by the Narva team now for over 18 months, covering thousands of kilometers in some of Australia’s toughest conditions.

It’s a hard life for this Ranger but the Trig Point canopy and Narva equipment are together performing faultlessly. 

Trig Point canopies are available from a range of stockists Australia-wide. For more information, visit: