Get out on the road today with Cub Campers!

If you are in the market for a new camper trailer look no further than cub campers! Coming up to 50 years in the business, Cub Campers are nothing short of reliable. 100% Australian made from the canvas to the steel, Cub Campers are made in Australia for the Australian conditions so you know you are guaranteed to have a trustworthy camper on the road.

Warren catches up with David May at the Melbourne Leisurefest 2017 to chat about their brand new Daintree Camper. Super light to tow, this camper still ticks all the off-road boxes so you can take it absolutely anywhere. Including a pullout kitchen, independent suspension and 100 amp power battery pack, the Daintree has everything you need to get up and get out there!

To check out more of Cup Campers range visit their website at

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