Cub Campers’ Forward Fold Frontier Camper Trailer!

Rob Grossman talks about Cub Campers first forward fold camper trailer and the benefits!

The Frontier is a modern trailer, which feels more like a caravan, but the benefits of a range of innovative features and a smaller footprint when set up.

Smaller Footprint

During your adventure, you decide to pull over at the side of the road and camp for the night, you no longer need to worry about taking up more room than the size of the camper trailer its self.

Cub Campers new Frontier is lightweight, weighing in at 1,225kg

Rob mentioned that an improvement which has been made since last year’s model is the shortened drawbar.

Cub Campers is confident that the ‘Frontier’ will join the rest of the iconic Cub Camper trailers as a clear customer favourite!

To learn more visit their website!

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