Re-designed Hard Floor Camper from Complete Campsite!

Grant from Complete Campsite talks to Macca about their newly re-designed Hard Floor Camper!

If you are after a hard floor camper trailer that can explore remote tracks and still provide ultimate comfort and ease, Fraser XTE is your logical choice.

In re-designing the hard floor, they wanted to achieve 6 Key Improvements:

  • Modern, cutting edge design raising the bar in the hard floor market
  • Remote control/electronic opening and closing of camper
  • Shorter towing length
  • Heaps of internal space and astonishing amount of storage
  • Comes with all the bells & whistles you’d expect in the electrical and heating systems.


  • Automatic open and close
  • 4.8 Metres long
  • 2.5 thousand litres of storage
  • Carries over 170 litres of water
  • Dual battery system
  • Redarc battery management system
  • Hot water

It’s got everything in a small off-road camper trailer!

Can be customised to create the perfect camper for families, couples or singles alike. Whether it’s a quick weekend escape or a long, off-road adventure, the XTE will allow you to explore the most remote regions in Australia in comfort and ease.

For more information on Complete Campsite visit their website!

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