AFL Legend Kevin Sheedy has become the Official Ambassador for the Australian Manufactured Camper Trailer Guild (AMCTG).

Sheedy, who won four premierships with the Bombers in a memorable 27-year tenure as coach, is incredibly passionate about Australian manufacturing and keeping jobs in Australia.

“I am honoured to become the Ambassador for the Australian Manufactured Camper Trailer Guild” said Sheedy. “The frozen berry saga has reminded us all, how important it is to know what you’re getting. Whether it’s food or camper trailers, customers have a right to know exactly where their purchase is coming from.”

With the demise of car manufacturing, the Caravan and Camper Trailer industry is one of the last bastions of local manufacturing. Sales of Australian manufactured camper trailers continue to thrive in spite of a flood in the market from foreign imports.

The founder of the AMCTG is Roger Fagan from Cub Campers. Cub is a successful, family owned business that been operating for almost 50 years.

“The Guild came about because we found a number of importers were falsely trying to claim their products were Australian made” said Fagan. “They cleverly disguise the country of origin by using phrases such as “assembled in Australia from local and imported components. Australian Design Rules stipulate that it is the responsibility of importers and manufacturers to insure that their products are compliant. Unfortunately, the Guild has evidence that there are thousands of imported trailers that are non-compliant, that could present a safety risk” he said.

“Our aim is to help warn potential consumers of the pitfalls that can turn a trip of a lifetime into a disaster. We want to prevent them from buying camper trailers that have poor componentry and workmanship” said Fagan.
Sheedy recently visited the Cub factory, in Sydney’s North Rocks which employs 60 people. He was impressed with how efficiently campers can be produced and why Australian steel and canvas is superior to many imported products.

“It’s great to see home-grown manufacturing operations such as Cub, doing so well. We need to throw our support behind the Australian Manufacturing Camper Trailer Guild because it is keeping jobs in Australia”, said Sheedy.

  • Check carefully the country of origin as a number of companies cleverly disguise where the campers were made.
  • Keep an eye out for the phrase “assembled in Australia from local and imported components”. This often means the complete camper is imported from overseas with the only local assembly being the springs, axle and drawbar bolted to the body.
  • Purchase from a Guild member. This way you know the chassis, suspension, body and tent are ALL locally made and is designed and built for local conditions.

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